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(  (  (    M I K E    H O U G E    )  )  )


10/12 – current:    Director of Audio Books at Deyan Audio Services
- Directly involved in all stages of the Audio Book production process; from directing and recording voice actors, to editing, to post production and QC.

3/06 – current:    Freelance Recording, Mixing, and Mastering engineer.
- Music recording, mixing and mastering for various local artists.

1/10 – 10/12:    Staff engineer at Paramount Recording Studios.
- Setup and operation of various audio equipment, recording consoles, microphones, digital audio workstations, and ancillary equipment to effectively meet the client’s artistic and technical needs.

3/06 – 9/10: Co-owner and operator of Porchlight Recording.
- Along with three business partners, I designed, built, and ran a small recording studio from the ground up.  The installation involved wall and ceiling construction, acoustic design, electrical wiring, and the design and wiring of a central patch bay, Pro Tools system, and ancillary outboard audio gear.  The studio hosted projects ranging from local up-and-comers Moving Picture Show, Vanaprasta, Shaimus, and Lynda Kay; to more established artists such as Eric Clapton, Ameriie, and Lemmy Kilmister.

4/05 – 2/09: Senior staff engineer at Record Plant Studios.
- I was entrusted to engineer and assist for some of the studio’s most valued clients.  Highlights include recording Stevie Wonder, tracking a fantastic live EP for A Fine Frenzy, assisting for Geoff Emerick, and assisting orchestral recording sessions with Ron Fair.
- Setup and operation of audio equipment for a number of different recording, mixing, and
production scenarios.  System level troubleshooting and diagnostics during the sessions.
Liaison between the artist, client, studio management, and technical staff.  Worked directly with the
client, often unsupervised, and in high stress situations.  Worked with the studio’s technicians
to assess and resolve technical issues
- I often took the opportunity to train the new assistant engineers in the use of the studio’s

5/02 – 4/05: Senior staff engineer at Track Record Studios.
- I quickly worked my way up from runner to one of the studio’s most trusted engineers and assistants. Responsibilities were essentially the same as listed above.
- My hard work, dedication, and ability to solve problems helped me to be one of the most
requested assistants at the studio.

2/01 – 5/02:  Assistant engineer and runner at Music Grinder Studios.
- Assisted for tracking, overdub and mixing sessions.  Assisted in the installation and wiring of new consoles in both rooms.

9/97 – 9/00: Audio Maintenance Technician at San Francisco State University.

- I was part of small team responsible for designing, building, and supporting the expanding
multimedia facilities in the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts department.

- Responsibilities included diagnostics, maintenance, repair, design, and operation of various audio systems and components in the college of Creative Arts, including those in the recording, television, and radio production studios, theaters and concert halls.  Also responsible for communicating with faculty, and other staff regarding repair requests and project statuses.

- Provided sound reinforcement and recording of various live musical performances in the schools, concert halls, and theaters.

- In those three years I gained invaluable experience in troubleshooting and basic repair (down to component level) of electronic and mechanical audio equipment.

4/99 – 9/00:  Intern and assistant at Coast Recording Studios in San Francisco.
- Provided general assistance to the management, engineering, and technical team.  In my off-time, I was granted access to the studio, where I quickly learned the to operate the audio console, automation system, analog tape recorders, and Pro Tools workstation.  I took this opportunity to produce, record, and mix songs for a handful of independent Bay Area artists.

Very proficient with most types of analog and digital audio equipment.  Highly skilled with Pro
Tools workstations and software.  Familiar with Mac and PC operating systems.  Able to follow schematics, use multimeters, scopes and other test equipment.  Component level soldering.
Operation, calibration, troubleshooting and basic repair of various solid state and tube audio
equipment.  I have rack-mounted a few console modules, modified some tube guitar and recording
equipment, and built three stereo spring reverbs.  Mixed live sound at The Joint in Los Angeles, and 924 Gilman St. in Berkely.   I also enjoy playing the guitar, writing music,
hiking, photography, and golf.

Graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in music which includes music theory, history, ear training, guitar and piano performance, MIDI and digital audio.
Music Recording Industry and Broadcasting programs at San Francisco State University.