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… I’ve also been known to build, repair, and modify audio equipment.  Here are some of my favorite projects:


Modified MX-35 tube mixer.  Re-capped, re-tubed, added a custom panel with I/O, phase-flip, pads, and phantom power to each channel via JLM’s handy kits.  I also added direct inputs to the first two channels.  This thing is a monster, especially for bass, drums, and percussion.  Great for that Motown sound.


Refurbished Calrec M-series sidecar.

Cleaned up this bad boy, wired it up for studio-hopping, and built a custom power supply unit with Power One components.



“HougeVerb” studio spring reverb.

I built three of these puppies.  Here is #2 in action.

(more pictures coming soon)

Custom built mono in / stereo out all analog smooth yummy reverb goodness.

…because you haven’t really mixed until you have mixed with a quality spring reverb.


Transformer Boxes

I’ve discovered a fun and easy way to take the edge off my digital mixes, was to run it through some 1:1 ratio audio transformers.  Different types equal different results.  It seems the more expensive transformers are barely noticeable, while the cheaper ones color the sound more.

On the cleaner side of things is the API box:

A little dirtier are these MCIs:

Would you run your mix through this thing?

What better enclosure for a pair of obscure Japanese transformers than the cardboard box they were shipped in?

Believe me it sounds much prettier than it looks.




(more to come)