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Mixin mixin mixin

Finishing up mixes for two projects I’m very excited about.  One cali-reggae album and one Christmas album.  Sounding great all around.


Sound Design for e-book

I recently finished sound design and music editing for a soon-to-be released children’s e-book called “Grandpa Knew My Dad”.  Animation is one of my first loves, so I had  a great time adding sound FX and finding music to enhance this story.  The e-book should come out August of 2012, but until then, you can preview it here:   www.facebook.com/GrandpaKnewMyDad


More mastering

I have been fortunate to keep busy with lots of great mastering projects recently.  Check out the links on my Music page.



I have recently begun a long term project that I’m very excited about:

This little guy has been keeping me busy in a way I could never have imagined before, but I am excited to get back to work. In the meantime, I have been fortunate enough to do some vocal recording with Keyshia Cole and Ameriie, drum tracking with Sang Koo Lee, and mastering for Matthew Morse and Emily Clibourn. Good things in store…



I’ve recently finished mastering an EP for Albert Garrett & the Bad Romantics, and a single for Roman Candle Wars.  They turned out great, and will hopefully lead to more opportunities to work with these guys.  You can hear some examples on my music page, and there will be more examples soon to come.


Darren Hoff and the Hard Times

I recently finished mixing a song for Austin-based country band Darren Hoff and the Hard Times.  Really really cool cover Johnny Cash’s “There You Go”  Thanks to Jim Hawkins for giving me such good stuff to work with.

Check them out here:        http://www.darrenhoffandthehardtimes.com/


Lynda Kay

Congratulations to Lynda Kay for her feature in LA Weekly’s People of Los Angeles 2010 Issue…

I proud to have recorded some of Lynda’s vocals for her new debut solo album “Dream My Darling”.  Great songs, beautiful vocals… kinda dreamy Bakersfield country and rockablilly.  Perfect for a David Lynch movie… or, you know… just listenin’



Moving Picture Show album completed!

I am happy to report the completion of Moving Picture Show’s new album     “Studies Have Shown”.  Songs from this album have made their way into the Rock Band video game, and Kevin Bronson’s Buzzbands Top 100 Songs of 2010.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these guys on such a great batch of songs.  The album was produced by my friend and co-conspirator Jason “Achilles” Mezilis, and mixed by yours truly.

Check them out on their website:



Swatt Tank Charity… NEW

‘Bout to start on a new Swatt Tank Charity project with friend and collaborator Roberto Bosquez.  We are throat deep in pre-production and I am very excited about this group of songs.  The last two projects we did together (Swatt Tank Charity -Submachines, and Birdog -Home) turned out great, and this one will be even better.


More Moving Picture Show!

I am excited to, once again, be working with the MPS gang, along side with producer Jason Mezilis.  We are well on our way with five more songs, and they are already sounding great.  More to come on this.