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Pretty Good Kids

I love these songs!  What else can I say?  Enjoyed mastering this EP.


Matt Braaten

Walk In The Sun

Matt is a talented singer and songwriter with a great band behind him.  I thoroughly enjoyed mastering this album.


Black Belt Karate


It has been my extreme pleasure to master the debut EP from this talented group of gentlemen.

Produced and mixed by the incomparable Jason Achilles Mezilis.


Matthew Morse


Loved mastering this EP.  Awesome batch of songs.  Recorded and mixed by Jason Mezilis.


Albert Garrett & the Bad Romantics

Say To Me

I recently finished mastering a few songs for Albert Garrett & the Bad Romantics.  Turned out pretty great!  Check it out here:



“Perfect World”

Myself: vocal recording engineer and mixing.

Jason Mezilis: Producer and tracking engineer.

Talented musicians, catchy songs, great arrangements: How could it NOT turn out awesome?

“Perfect World” has recently been featured on KROQ here in Los Angeles, and IS NOW AVAILABLE for the ROCK BAND video game! http://www.rockband.com/songs/UGC_5001414

This song made it to Kevin Bronson’s Top 100 Local Songs of 2010:
(note – it’s ALL about the harmonica solo)

AFF LiveSession EP

borrowed time

This is part of a 4-song iTunes Exclusive EP I recorded at the Record Plant. The whole band in one room, playing together, no overdubs… just like it used to be :) The guys (and Alison) in the band are incredibly talented, which made my job easy. It was truly an honor to be a part of it.



Turn The Other Way

Stuck Around

From “The Sad Thing Is, We Like It Here” I was introduced to these guys through a mutual friend. They needed to record piano for some songs… I had access to a couple pianos… and some spare time. The piano you hear on these songs is the vintage 1976 upright proudly featured at my studio Porchlight Recording. Elsewhere on the album you can hear the Yamaha grand piano at the Record Plant. Though my contribution to this album is relatively small, I like these guys’ songs so much I had to attach two!




From the album Universal Soul. I honestly hadn’t had too much experience working on dance music, or latin music for that matter, but I am really happy with how this project turned out. The album has been making the rounds and is getting good reviews and some songs have even been picked up for dance music compilations. I mixed this album mostly at my studio, but some songs at Record Plant.

Da Boom (Dub Mix)

This one is a dub re-mix I did of a song off the same album. Good stuff.




Lonely Heart

A song I mixed for a good friend, and longtime musical collaborator.  This is one of my favorites from his “Home” album. Credit MUST be given to Jim Hawkins for the awesome arrangement and production on this track.

Worn Out Clown

… My favorite off the upcoming EP.  I am proud to have played a big part in this one.  Produced, arranged, played bass, recorded and mixed by yours truly.





From the album “Submachines”.  This really turned out to be a fantastic project that I am proud to have been a part of.  I co-produced, mixed, (and mastered) this CD, and you may even hear some of my guitar, bass, and vocal contributions on this track… especially towards the end.






This is part of an Unreleased “Live, In-Studio” performance which I mixed, years ago, of the amazing singer and songwriter Joe Firstman.  I’ve got to mention that this batch of songs was recorded by the one and only Jimbo Barton, one of the best producers/mixers I’ve ever met.  That, combined with the killer performance by Joe and his cohort, means that I could have farted all over these tracks and they still would have come out pretty damn good, so I can’t really take that much credit… but I will anyway.




No Ego Trippin

One of seven songs I mixed for the HardCorePunkRockReggae album.  That’s Steve Perkins of Janes Addiction on drums, and H.R. of Bad Brains doin’ some background vocals!  I like this little dub.

Where Did She Go?

They made a really cool video out of this track.  I love the punk and metal influences.  Makes me feel like I’m in high school again.